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Orthodox Concelebration in Zurich, Switzerland

On September 11th, 2008, the commemoration day of the martyrs St.Felix, Regula and Exuperantius ten Orthodox Churches held a concelebration in prayer for the sixth time.

The participating churches were the Russian, Greek, Serbian, Romanian, Armenian, Indian, Syrian, Coptic, Ethiopian and Eritrean Orthodox Churches. The latter three also celebrated their new year on this occasion.

Videos of the Prayer Service have been added to youtube.


What is Orthodox Unity?
Orthodox Unity is an organisation of Eastern and Oriental Orthodox Christians which seeks to make available positive information about the dialogue between the Eastern and Oriental Orthodox Churches.
What is the Joint Commission?

For over 40 years a dialogue has been taking place between the Eastern and Oriental Orthodox Churches. This now has an official status and a Joint Commission of bishops and theologians has been studying the issues which have caused the separation of our Churches.

Our mission?

The Joint Commission urges a process of education and information to take place. We hope to be a small part of that process by sharing information, news and documentation about the Eastern and Oriental Orthodox Churches on this site.

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