The Young One, with just a hint of tint... Sir Cliff Richard looking half his age at 72

  • Spotted at Barbados Airport looking as good as ever
  • Admits he has hair coloured out of 'vanity'

By Simon Cable


For a man of 72 who’s survived 55 years in showbusiness – albeit without a great deal of over-indulgence – Sir Cliff Richard does a pretty good job of looking half his age.

And here he is doing it all over again as he waits at Barbados Airport in jeans and a check shirt, cuffs fashionably folded back just the once.

So perhaps the singer can be forgiven for the odd inconsistency in the battle to hold back time.

Cliff Richard
Sir Cliff Richard

Checking in: Sit Cliff at Barbados airport looking youthful, left, and last year with his auburn look, right

His hair was a great deal darker than it was a few months ago – changing from auburn to its current shade of deep brown.

The singer admits he has his hair coloured, saying: ‘I said to my hairdresser, “Every time I lift my hair up I can see grey. Will you colour it for me?” It doesn’t show up in photos, so it’s just for my own vanity.’

He has put his youthful looks down to a strict diet and exercise, as well as avoiding drink and drugs.

Sir Cliff might like to share some of his beauty secrets with an ex TV co-star.

Olivia Newton-John, 62, who guested several times on his show It’s Cliff Richard in the 1970s, looks to have resorted to Botox to defy the years, leaving her face wrinkle-free but rather bloated as she appears on tonight’s Jonathan Ross show to promote her first UK tour for decades.

Olivia Newton-John
Olivia Newton-John

Smoothie: Olivia Newton-John on ITV's The Jonathan Ross show, left, and in 1985, right

Sir Cliff might like to share some of his beauty secrets with his ex TV co-star Olivia Newton-John

Sir Cliff might like to share some of his beauty secrets with his ex TV co-star Olivia Newton-John

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A Hint of a Tint !!!!! More like a whole bucket load has been poured over Cliffy's rug.

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So you rthink that's what a 36 year old looks like DM writer?

Click to rate     Rating   134

You really think he looks 36!!!!

Click to rate     Rating   134

Bumped into him in the street of Sydney about 3 weeks ago, he looks amazing for his age, at least 20 years younger I have to say!!

Click to rate     Rating   68

He looks exactly like what he old wrinkly!

Click to rate     Rating   6

Simon Cable you should have gone to SpecSavers

Click to rate     Rating   112

He´s turning into Charles Hawtry, but he does look goof FOR HIS AGE!

Click to rate     Rating   57

Half his age? Actually anyone who thinks that he looks 35 needs to meet more people. Give him natural hair colour and he would look well preserved, but 30s? I think not.

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Click to rate     Rating   217

He looks like his age to me: old, very old!

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