Dominique Venner

A great Pagan Frenchman and European, Dominique Venner, comitted suicide in Notre Dame in Paris today, to wake up his sleeping countrymen to the dangers Europe is facing in relation to so-called “multi-culturalism” and nihilism. 

His suicide letter deserves all our attention; 


I also encourage everyone to read the posts on his blog.

Mr. Venner did what he felt was the best for Europe. I hope his self-sacrifice will inspire other Europeans to act too, although I will not encourage anyone to do it in a similar fashion. His name will be remembered and he will return to continue his fight for Europe, in another life. Hail Dominique Venner!

A big thanks to Arcturus for giving me the link to his final letter.

PS. My wife has translated te letter;

« I am healthy in body and mind, and I am filled with love for my wife and children. I love life and expect nothing beyond other than the perpetuation of my race and my mind. However, in the evening of this life, in front of huge dangers for my French and European country, I feel the duty to act as long as I have strength. I think I need to sacrifice myself to break the lethargy that overwhelms us. I offer the rest of my life with the intention of protest and foundation. I chose a highly symbolic place, Notre Dame de Paris that I respect and admire, because it was built by the genius of my ancestors in places of earlier worship, which are recalling our immemorial origins.

While so many people are slaves of their lives, my gesture embodies an ethical will. I give death to myself in order to awaken the slumbering consciences. I protest against fate. I protest against the poisons the soul and against the individual invasive desires that are destroying our identity and anchors, including family, the intimate foundation of our millenary civilization. While I defend the identity of all peoples in their respective homes, I also protest against the crime of replacing of our people.

Since the dominant voice can not get out of these toxic ambiguities, it is the Europeans who must draw conclusions. We do not have now a religious identity that tie us, but we share from Homer a own memory, repository of all the values ​​on which we can rebuild our future rebirth out from the thought of the unlimited, source of all negative modern excesses.

I apologize in advance to all those who will suffer from my death, and first to my wife, my children and grandchildren, as well as my friends and followers. But once the shock of pain will be faded, I do not doubt that the one and the other will understand the meaning of my gesture and transcend their sorrow to pride. I hope those will work together to last. They will find in my recent writings the foreshadowing and the explanation of my gesture.

* For more information, you can contact my editor, Pierre-Guillaume Roux. He was not informed of my decision, but he known me for a long time. »

Dominique Venner

Dominique Venner’s ceremony.

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120 thoughts on “Dominique Venner

  1. Reblogged + “God help us all – may Dominique Venner be enjoying the comfort of the soft wings of Angels :’)”. Sending love to all those with spirit of truth in your heart xx

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  4. Il sera regretté. C’était un grand homme, et son acte était très courageux. J’espère de tout cœur que son sacrifice ne sera pas vain (quand je vois les médias en parler, c’est vraiment n’importe quoi. Quelle manipulation mensongère. Avant-hier j’ai vu un extrait d’un journal télévisé disant: “un opposant au mariage gay se suicide à notre-dame.” POINT. pas un mot de plus. Ils n’ont évoqué ni sa lettre, ni son contenu. Pour les médias c’est “un historien d’extrême-droite” tout à fait banal).
    J’ai lu ses livres et articles, et j’ai eu la chance de le rencontrer à plusieurs reprises, c’était un homme absolument formidable.
    Gloire à vous Dominique Venner

  5. I want to salute Dominique Venner. I only hope his sacrifice will not have been in vain.

  6. « I am healthy in body and mind, and I am filled with love for my wife and children. I love life and expect nothing beyond other than the perpetuation of my race and my mind. However, in the evening of this life, in front of huge dangers for my French and European country, I feel the duty to act as long as I have strength. I think I need to sacrifice myself to break the lethargy that overwhelms us.


    Respect et Honneur Mr Venner
    Le combat continue…Jusqu’à la victoire

    Mieux vaut vivre 1 jour comme un lion que 100 ans comme un mouton

  7. I read some news, that in the schools in France, children will learn History of Africa instead of history of France. this is just a crazy. Fuck the liberality and “political correction”, Europe needs new Hitler.

  8. Reposez en paix Monsieur Venner,
    thanks for this article Varg, I loved his articles and books like “Histoire et tradition des Européens”, “Le siècle de 1914″ or “Histoire critique de la résistance”

  9. Have any of you played the game “Metro 2033″? It’s a Russian survivalist game. I haven’t tried it yet because I’m using Linux, but it looks enormously interesting to me; definitely something I’ll play in the future. Here’s the trailer:

    • Yes.

      It’s EXTREMELY linear, short (you’re done after a few hours of playing) and some of the features (trade) are really just meaningless.

      I would NOT recommend it.

      The S. T. A. L. K. E. R. series (pretty much same genre) is much better. Especially the first and the third.

    • Ignore all the linearity, this game is GREAT, I played it for atmosphere, ignoring that stupid trade(i do not play games for trades) and whatever, there is not much more game similar to this. i can recomended it, That last part on that big tower is just great hah., sorry for my Engalish. And yes, Stalker is pretty great, but pretty dumb in many ways, Metro is a Art one compared to Stalker, thats my opinion.

  10. Did anyone see if the Church is trying to excuse his actions or are they planning to ignore it altogether? If the “holy altar” has been stained by a suicide, the cathedral cannot exactly serve the communion of blood effectively anymore…the parishioners’ prayers may get intercepted by the new Lord and Savior Dominique.

    The main difference between this woman acting today in Notre-Dame de Paris and Dominique Venner yesterday is we are ready to die for our ideals…not only miming a gun in our mouth with trendy slogan on an ugly dead body. Undignified, just like the cause she pretends to defend. Poor fashion victim…weak mind…devoted to nothing but herself. She’s the fascism she denounces.

    • That woman is just an attention whore…. and she needs to put some clothes on.

      • Woman? I don’t see any woman, only a disgusting robo-Gentile. ;-)
        We have not to offend the Real Woman.

        • *Women

          And they’re using the term Fascism in a ignorant way, the American modern mean, like all the Useful Idiots.

    • Seriously, why are you posting this? What can we gain from the knowledge that this unfertile whore exists? I have read many insults of his sacrifice, but I don’t share any of them so that our memory is not tainted, and because it doesn’t make any sense to do so. I know that you meant it good, but always think about this aspect before sharing negative and useless information.

      • I do not think it’s useless…so I posted. If you don’t live in France, you can’t feel the trouble with that conflict (but maybe you live in France, I don’t know). But I only pointed the difference between the act of Dominique Venner and this girl today. Are we discussing about things we stand for or against ? Yes ? No ? So, I posted…because they’re things to say about that act.

      • Right, Varg ! I was born there and grew up there…Bretagne is an important place to my heart…it brings me serenity and courage. I like those stones…confidants.

    • @about the femen spawn of hell display in Notre Dame… It is truly disgusting how a radical, full of hate, feminist group is on the loose like that, that ONLY, is a proof of how much this world is fucked up beyond cure. May Dominique rest in peace, his death will be remembered. The traitors and scumbags that parasite these lands will pay one day. No quarter will be given.

      Europe is currently the world’s sick, the decadent continent par excellence. Europe needs a profound collective psychological trauma to awaken. And we’re going that way.

      Militarism has much to offer too. Europe is a continent of whores and fags. A lewd continent, junkie,with makeup, obese, cellulitic, diabetic, despicable, senile with Alzheimer’s, open of legs, clutching the ankles, pulling up his socks while looking to the northwest and wallows in gold, oil and gas, wiping his ass with the pages of there own history, being sprayed with pheromones and shitting on the graves of his ancestors. A continent disarmed, demilitarized, 100% decadent, effeminate, jaded , passive … and filthy rich and luxurious. Raise a finger the ones that want to see perpetuate this disgusting and despicable monster. Raise your finger those of you who see a dim view of things that tend to shake the status quo. The thirdworld storm will sweep European society and will kill anything that is not firm, consistent, brave and strong. Honestly, doesn’t seem that bad to me.

      • Excellent tirade Galloglach. Quite a picture you paint. Very suitable. The same can be said for Canada, although we’re perhaps not much different than a country of abandoned children.

  12. To my shame this is the first time I hear about Dominique Venner, but now that I read a little about him I can see that it is a big loss for our european movement. While I do not agree with suicide I can only hope that his action will get people’s attention and like me will read some of his works/articles and realize and grasp the reasons behind his act. I just hope (at least some)people will see behind the bullshit that this man’s life and death will be covered in by the international jewish mass media.

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  15. I am reluctant to say that this is the first time I’ve heard of him. Thank you for bringing this to light.

    It is too bad that the jewish propaganda machine will take this story and turn it around and make it something they can benefit from. I just hope the majority will see past this and take to heart what this great man wanted to tell us.

    ( I write jewish without a capital J, because I do not feel they are worth it)

  16. The German media completely ignores him. I have found only 3 very few and very short articles about it, but – they were completely neutral, quoting him and other nationalists about him and the situation, in the left-extremist media! They try to hide it, but Facebook spreads it all. And the few information you find is free from manipulating comments.

    Thank you, for your courage to give it all for Europe. We will not forget you.

    • I have finally found an article with comments below. Google seems to censor the search results. The comments are disgusting. Sheeple, all of them.

    • In serbian newspapers, I found just one or two brief articles talking mainly about horror at Notre- Dame. It is said that there was a letter witch isn’t published yet. And that’s it.

  17. Hi, everybody!
    I hope Venner´s death was not in vain.
    About his name – Venner is a family name in Switzerland (Bern).
    It means a standard-bearer or ensign. Comes from banner, obviously.
    I think it is highly symbolic for us.
    Hail Venner!

  18. Thank you for the translation…and thank you Dominique Venner, for all youf fights for our cause. I would have liked to see you here, on Thulean Perspective, sharing your thoughts…you surely do it when you’ll return with us to continue your and our foght for Europe. Your gesture was not in vain. One of our fellow European Brothers is fallen, many of our enemies will follow…it’s a promise. Good Journey, friend.

  19. Hail Dominique! We will remeber him as an example of pagan man! Many fights will be fighted for him.

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  21. Venner means friends in Norwegian, am I right?
    Sad to see a pagan die. But I hope it weakes up as much individuals as possible.

  22. Now his is a great example to follow. More people should follow this path and do what Venner did.

    • Let’s just hope that most of us wait until we are of old age, so that we don’t leave Europe to the Jews with no one to make any form for resistance. :)

    • I don’t think for a moment that if he were a younger man he would have taken this action. Nor do I think he would want any of the rest of us to do so. Being that he was an excellent writer, able to communicate his thoughts with extreme clarity, he has made an honorable gesture. The ‘far right’ is often portrayed for being evil, insane, uneducated, and carelessly violent. He may accomplish a lot by the way he went about this. By not killing anyone and intelligently expressing the utmost care for all that he valued in life he is seen as being very intelligent and humane, and it is absolutely paramount that the fight for Europe/Europeans not be conceived of as being evil,heartless, idiotic or any of that other nonsense.

  23. Disturbing, provoking and a little funny that the mainstream-media writes that a Catholic-extremist took his own life in protest against gay-marriage.

    French wiki again: (google-translate does screw up the text a bit, but I think the essence of it stand out.)

    “He wrote that the protesters against gay marriage can not ignore “the reality of the African Maghreb immigration” and that “their struggle can not be limited to the denial of gay marriage,” the “risk” being according to him “the great replacement of the population of France and Europe ” . In addition, it would, according to the rector of the cathedral Notre-Dame de Paris , left a letter to investigators . In a letter to his friends left Radio Courtesy , he says: “I chose a highly symbolic place that I respect and admire. My gesture embodies an ethic of desire (…) While I defend the identity of all peoples home, I rebel against crime for the replacement of our people. “

  24. From French wiki (google translate): “Critical of Christianity, Dominique Venner advocated rehabilitation of traditions and identities, a crop protection against the melting pot, an elitist enhancement of strength and heroism.”

    Pagan, indeed… :’)

      • Nope, it´d be spelled “yeu” o “leu”. Besides, I´d always taken the gaelic spelling, and i´m not going to change my long lasted nickname just for that.

  25. I have been reading his articles published on Counter-Currents today. What a man! I really feel a weird mix between sadness and pride in my heart. I am proud that he was European, whether he was a Catholic, or a Pagan. I read that he started a magazine in his youth with the Pagan Alain de Benoist, though.

    Let us all bow our heads in humility and respect for this man. He was more courageous than all of us posting here. He fathered several children, fought in the Algerian war, wrote over 30 books… Instead of dying like any old man, sick in a bed, he fell like a true European man making a political statement. I raise my arm in admiration. Hail Venner!

  26. Great thinker but was not wise enough to denounce France as a jacobin state… afterall he was born is cosmopolitan Paris. Good thing he denounced christianity as jewish sect.

  27. He fought the good fight and will be remembered as having done so. He was no stranger to violence. He fought in the Algerian War, and for the OAS. Still, I can’t help but think that, in deciding to make such a gesture, he chose the wrong target.

  28. Good work. I posted a google translation to his second-to-last blog post entitled “I advocate nothing except courage and lucidity” I think it was a good move on his part and I wish him well. Everyone else please, stay alive…you don’t want to miss the show!

  29. my respect for every man that is not just talking… maybe its for an 78year old man ok to resist via suicide. it was his life and i have no right to judge…
    but for us are better ways to resist…
    BUT not now.
    the order (brüder schweigen) or other so called rightwing extremists made one big mistake. they were attacking a “healthy” system…. (if you can say healthy to this rotten garbage).
    just wait a few months and things are diffrent. now we are to the other european people a hord of fanatics. when the economie collapses, wshtf we are no fanatics anymore…

    • And you told me once that you were stupid? Silly Mario! You are not even close to being stupid! ;-)

      What you say is so true, and also THE reason why we need to be patient and keep our heads calm.

    • The thing which is positive in this gest is that the entire focus is on this letter (that the mainstream media don’t want to publish) and his pro-european and pagan writings. Nobody can call him a dangerous psychopath. It is a starter to give hope to Europeans.

      • you are right marie… but like always the problem is that the mainstream media will not publish this….
        so we have to find other ways to spread his words…

  30. RIP Mr Dominique Venner, i hope your nation and all the Europe would remember your act. Your name will be remembered among all the true, honest and honorable man and woman in Europe.

  31. My condolences to his family… and I hope he didn’t commit such a “noble” act to be all in vain. R.I.P Venner! Your noble spirit will live on in all of us!

  32. I don’t know him and I haven’t read his letter yet – but I can’t see any honourable or exemplary behavior in commiting suicide. In my opinion it’s passive and weak and he should have done something better with his courage. Is he now a martyr or something?

    • He was 78 years old and probably preferred death instead of suffering here.
      I would actually be surprised if it would have been a young man doing this, but like this he may wake up some people, as his action is being shown in the media.

    • He was 78 years old.

      Would you have preferred if he went to an old people’s home instead, and faded away into oblivion? He made a point, and used his death to force the power to let us know about it.

      • I think also that there is no greater sacrifice surely? It’s quite honourable in a sense, and as you say I’d rather not end up in an old people’s home or a hospital bed, It’s surely better to bow out when one feels one’s time is up, and I’d imagine it must take an awful lot of courage, I’ve never got the point when people say “oh it’s a cowardly thing to do” I kinda feel the opposite.

      • True… people in retirement/nursing homes are usually patronized and treated like children, even if they’re still of sound mind. What he did will get people talking (and hopefully inspire more people to take a stand).

        I don’t consider it selfish. I’m sure his family understands. It’s not like he suddenly woke up one day with the idea that Europe is becoming a screwed up place. He had been involved with activism for most of his life.

  33. He’ll be remember for his masterpiece and for his dedication to our european tradition. He was true and a mind of wisdom. Hail to you ! up Europeans !

  34. Does anyone have a translation because I speak Murrikan! (and also a little German, but mostly Clapistani)

    • :D I completely agree! Suicide seems all to final and pointless to me – wouldn’t you rather die fighting?

    • You must never forget the positive in what others do, even though they could have done much better in your eyes. :-/

      He cannot get anything but positive reactions to this. Had he killed others he would have been a villain.

      • I will never forget the positive in everything he have achieved you can be sure. And it’s also true that, in the popular opinion of this decaying modern world, he would have been seen as a villain if he would have killed any jewish lackey. But my opinion and the one of many others is pretty different than the sheeplike popular wave. Positive reactions? I’m not sure. They’ll probably say he had psychiatric illness or something like that just to discredit him and his message. Now that he’s no more there to defend himself and his credibility, the medias will tell all sorts of shit about him in order to make sure nobody will take his message seriously. Maybe I’m a bit too negative, but that’s really what I think unfortunately…

        • You are right; they will lie, but our “right wing” movement is too big now; too many know the truth for them to successfully keep it a secret for long.

          Also, at least here in France, most (yes MOST) people no longer trust the news and they very commonly do some Googling themselves, and then they find the TRUTH.

          Many journalists are also tired of the Jews, and they have already published parts of his letter in newspapers over here. Amazingly…

          • “Many journalists are also tired of the Jews, and they have already published parts of his letter in newspapers over here. Amazingly…”

            I would say this is quite a victory. Not a huge one, but one non the less. It really makes me glad that more and more are waking up. I’m hopeful that Europe will be ours once more, that the parasites will go the way of the dodo.. And soon.

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  36. That person (“Erik N” with the purple circular logo) is not me. Only a random person who for some reason thought it was a good idea to pretend to be me.

    In any case, thanks for the advise Varg. The S.T.A.L.K.E.R. series remains a solid favorite.

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