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Aviation White Paper—Flight Path to the Future—December 2009


Full Text [PDFPDF: 4253 KB] [DOCDOC: 2056 KB]

Individual Chapters

The White Paper is available by individual chapter as PDF and word documents.

Foreword [PDFPDF: 365 KB] [DOCDOC: 64 KB]
Introductory vision and objectives [PDFPDF: 403 KB] [DOCDOC: 41 KB]
Executive summary [PDFPDF: 434 KB] [DOCDOC: 63 KB]
Summary of Government initiatives [PDFPDF: 476 KB] [DOCDOC: 86 KB]
Introduction [PDFPDF: 435 KB] [DOCDOC: 112 KB]

Section one Aviation and economic development

Chapter 1 International aviation [PDFPDF: 444 KB] [DOCDOC: 78 KB]
Chapter 2 Domestic and regional aviation [PDFPDF: 520 KB] [DOCDOC: 165 KB]
Chapter 3 General aviation [PDFPDF: 441 KB] [DOCDOC: 175 KB]
Chapter 4 Industry skills and productivity [PDFPDF: 445 KB] [DOCDOC: 80 KB]
Chapter 5 Consumer protection [PDFPDF: 451 KB] [DOCDOC: 70 KB]

Section two Safety & security—the highest priorities

Chapter 6 Aviation safety regulation and investigation [PDFPDF: 480 KB] [DOCDOC: 212 KB]
Chapter 7 Air traffic management [PDFPDF: 1311 KB] [DOCDOC: 252 KB]
Chapter 8 Aviation security [PDFPDF: 558 KB] [DOCDOC: 313 KB]

Section three Aviation infrastructure

Chapter 9 Airport planning and development [PDFPDF: 472 KB] [DOCDOC: 167 KB]
Chapter 10 Economic regulation of airports [PDFPDF: 453 KB] [DOCDOC: 139 KB]
Chapter 11 Other airport infrastructure [PDFPDF: 425 KB] [DOCDOC: 54 KB]
Chapter 12 Future aviation needs for the Sydney region [PDFPDF: 424 KB] [DOCDOC: 46 KB]

Section four Aviation and sustainability

Chapter 13 Aviation’s role in reducing global carbon emissions [PDFPDF: 422 KB] [DOCDOC: 55 KB]
Chapter 14 Minimising the impact of aircraft noise [PDFPDF: 2960 KB] [DOCDOC: 320 KB]

Appendices and glossary [PDFPDF: 471 KB] [DOCDOC: 181 KB]

Appendix A: The Principles and Guidelines to assess the provision of Government services at new Australian international airports
Appendix B: Civil Aviation Safety Authority Board membership
Appendix C: Civil Aviation Safety Authority Board Statements of Expectations and Intent
Appendix D: Australian Transport Safety Bureau Commission membership
Appendix E: Proposed new Prohibited Items list
Appendix F: Glossary
Appendix G: Legislation
Appendix H: Acronyms and abbreviations