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When Prague Post founding Editor-in-Chief Alan Levy wrote in 1991 that "we are living in the Left Bank of the '90s," he captured the optimism of a new age. 

In the past 20 years, much has changed, and many a late-night hospoda colloquia has convened over the relative merits of Levy's bold claim. What is not in doubt is that Prague and Central Europe have grown a great deal since those heady 20th-century days. 

Czechoslovakia no longer exists. The Czech Republic is part of NATO and the European Union. Flood waters have risen and receded, as have seemingly countless governments. One mustachioed Václav replaced another, and Škodas are in demand in Western Europe.

And while The Prague Post is two years older than the country itself, it too has changed, including a transition from a local newspaper targeting the expat community into a multimedia information source with global reach.

None of this could have been anticipated in 1991 when most Praguers were happy just to find a working pay phone. Much like the Golden City itself, The Prague Post has become thoroughly integrated in this globalized, still-young century and now counts paying subscribers in nearly 30 countries on four continents and is distributed in an array of digital formats – Web, PDF and Kindle among them. Our website is updated daily with news briefings and regular blog posts.

We have been and continue to broaden our coverage increasingly to focus not just on Prague, but Central Europe at-large including Slovakia, Poland and Hungary. We report news from these places, but also put them in an international context for our diverse readership.

Whether it be a preview of upcoming concert, a restaurant review, keeping up with latest corruption scandal or tracking the latest investment trends, our highly educated subscribers have come to count on us for not just a timely recounting of events, but forward-looking analysis on regional happenings. We are also proud to partner with Project Syndicate in bringing readers opinion pieces from international luminaries in the world of science, economics and politics.

Thank you for stopping by our web site and we encourage you to contact our staff if we can be of any service at all.

In the meantime we will keep doing what we have always done: Covering Central Europe – inside and out.


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