Wise Credit Management Quiz

Want to use credit wisely and pay less to borrow money? Start by taking this quiz to assess your current credit-related practices. Choose the score that best describes the frequency with which you practice each of the 20 credit management actions listed below.

Note: By taking this quiz you will be contributing to a study on credit management practices. Your results will be recorded anonymously. We are not collecting any identifying information.

Wise Credit Management Quiz


My latest credit report lists all my credit accounts as "current" or "paid as agreed". (If you have never checked a copy of your credit report, select "No".)


My current ratio of monthly consumer debt (e.g., car loan, student loan, credit card) payments to monthly net income (e.g., $500 $2,800 = 17.86%) is less than 20%.


I have checked my credit score within the last two years.


I have NEVER had any of the following: collection (charged-off) accounts, judgments, liens, repossession (e.g., loan for a car), wage garnishment, foreclosure (e.g., loan for a house), or bankruptcy.


The last time that I got a loan or credit card, I compared at least three different lenders before applying.


I am NOT "upside down" on any of my loans (i.e., owe more than the value of the item that the loan was taken out to finance).


I have a list of my credit card account numbers and creditor contact information to refer to in the event of loss or theft.


I pay my credit card bills in full every month to avoid interest charges.


I check my credit report annually for errors and/or evidence of identity theft.


I AVOID making late payments on credit card bills and incurring late fees.


I charge no more than half (50%) of the maximum limit available on my credit cards (e.g., no more than $2,500 of charges on a credit card with a $5,000 limit).


I keep a running list of my outstanding credit card expenses as I use my credit card(s) so I am aware of my current total debt level.


It is my personal policy NOT to co-sign a loan for anyone.


I use at least one credit card that has some type of "perk" such as product or service discounts and/or cash-back rewards AND am a convenience user (i.e., pay balances in full).


I AVOID using predatory payday loans, car title loans, check-cashing stores, rent-to-own stores, and pawnshops to obtain cash and or merchandise.


I use or have used several different types of credit (e.g., personal loan, car loan, credit cards, student loan, and mortgage).


I AVOID buying high-cost credit life insurance, credit disability insurance, and credit unemployment insurance when securing a loan and/or credit card.


I AVOID taking out new loans or credit cards to pay off existing debt balances.


I AVOID taking credit card cash advances.


I make credit card purchases at the beginning of my monthly billing cycle to take advantage of maximum "float" time between when purchases are made and when payments are due.

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