Digital Train Radio System

Timeframe: Start: September 2009 | End: late 2011 (infrastructure)
Cost: $152 million

What's happening

Installation of Digital Train Radio System (DTRS) base station infrastructure has been completed, with more than 70 new facilities installed around the network since September 2009.

The next stage of the project will see the installation of the on-train devices.

Project description

DTRS is the metropolitan train driver communication system that will replace the existing Urban Train Radio System (UTRS). UTRS is coming towards the end of its maintainable life and we're upgrading the system to take advantage of the voice and data capabilities modern technology provides.

Existing infrastructure is being used to support the system where possible, but to provide the continuous, secure and optimal coverage required for our train driver communications system, some new infrastructure is required. More than 70 new base stations and towers have been installed around the network to support the system and in total approximately 100 base stations make up the DTRS network.

Project benefits

The new Digital Train Radio System (DTRS) will provide a secure, highly functional communications network to help keep Melbourne's trains running safely and efficiently.

The new DTRS will provide highly reliable voice and data radio coverage, enabling train drivers to communicate more efficiently with each other and the central control centre. This will deliver a range of benefits, including:

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