NLP tools

I provide lists of NLP tools and resources of NLP libraries. It’s mostly for developers, although the page can be useful for everybody interested in natural language processing

1) Wiki list of tools;
2) FreelingC++ open source suit of language analyzers);
3) Well-known Java tools: OpenNLPLingPipe, Stanford core NLP, GATE;
4) Great Python library is NLTK;
5) SharpNLP – open source natural language processing tools (for C#)

Entity-relationship tools
Collection of tools provided by well-known russian NLP wiki (in Russian)

Text summarizer for Swedish, Danish, English, Farsi, Greek

Open text summarizer: supports many (25+) languages which are configured in XML files. Several academic publications have benchmarked it and praised it.

List of search, machine learning, text processing tools. Extended list of plugins for GATE. The list includes gazetteers, ontology-tools, parsing, chunking, annotations, stemmers, morhology, etc. List of OpenNLP subprojects. Text analysis tools list, provided by DiRT (Digital Research Tools). The  list of NLP tools, provided by “sqnco developers” and divided into categories. The page provides collection for different tasks (credits to Carnegie Mellon Research group called Noah’s ARK), additionally new tool for Twitter .

Useful stackoverflow conversations for java tools [1] [2]

In case you can add more, leave it in comments, please. Any suggestions are appreciated.

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