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The O'Reilly Emerging Technology Conference (not to be confused with the MIT Emtech conference) is O'Reilly Media's premier conference about the new technologies that are on the O'Reilly Radar. O'Reilly defines its core business not as books, conferences, or online publishing, though it does all three, but as "changing the world by spreading the knowledge of innovators". While other O'Reilly conferences, such as the Open Source Convention, the MySQL Conference, or the Web 2.0 Summit and Expos, focus on specific technologies, ETech, as the Emerging Technology Conference is commonly called, highlights different issues and emerging trends each year, with a focus on innovations by non-commercial developers and enthusiasts.

Originally started in 2001 as the Peer to Peer Conference,[1] ETech evolved to its current name and positioning by May 2002.[2] For a number of years it was held in San Diego every March. In 2009, the conference took place March 9–12 in San Jose, and was focused on Living, Reinvented: The Technology of Abundance and Constraints.[3] Etech was discontinued in 2010.[4]

Year Location Website
2002 Santa Clara [1]
2003 Santa Clara [2]
2004 San Diego [3]
2005 San Diego [4]
2006 San Diego [5]
2007 San Diego [6]
2008 San Diego [7]
2009 San Jose [8]


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