Plastic Canvas Cross Bookmark

By: Amanda Formaro

Difficulty: Average

Age: 8 and up

Parental supervision is recommended

Weaving lanyard through plastic canvas can create lots of fun textures.  Make this pretty in pink cross bookmark to use with your bible or book you are reading.

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What you'll need:

  • 5” x 4” piece of plastic canvas
  • Lanyard cording in two colors
  • 6 pony beads in colors to match your lanyard
  • Scissors

How to make it:

  1. Cut a cross from your plastic canvas, approximately 4.5” x 3”. Make sure you have an even number of holes on each arm of the cross. The top of the cross should be 6 holes wide and the arms of the cross should be 6 holes high.
  2. Starting on the far left at the top of the cross, leaving approximately 3” of cording at the top, weave one color from the top all the way down in a straight line to the bottom.
  3. When you reach the bottom, loop your lanyard cord back through the last hole and one over then work your way halfway back up. When you get one row below the middle of the cross, weave the lanyard in a diagonal going up and over one to the right.
  4. Next go up one hole and then diagonally up the other way by going up and to the left.
  5. Continue the crisscross pattern up through the middle and one row above the middle of the cross. This should give you 5 rows of diagonals.
  6. From here, continue going up, through you should now be one column over. Rather than in the second column you should be in the third.
  7. When you reach the top of the cross, trim the end to about 3” in length. This should match the length of the cord that you started with.
  8. Move to the fourth column at the top, again leaving about 3” of cording at the top. Weave your way down 2 rows, and then continue the diagonal pattern to match the one you just created on the left. You will weave two rows down straight then take your diagonal down to the right, down to the left, and repeat this for a total of five diagonal boxes.
  9. Now continue the straight weave, you should now be in the 5th column, down to the bottom.
  10. When you reach the bottom, loop your lanyard cord back through the last hole and one over then work your way all the way back up to the top, leaving 3” cording at the top.
  11. Now take your alternating color and leave 3” at top, start weaving from column #2. Straight weave two boxes, then crisscross the diagonals 5 boxes down, then continue the color down the third column.
  12. When you reach the bottom, loop your lanyard cord back through the last hole and one over then work your way halfway back up. When you reach the diagonals again, crisscross the diagonals with the alternating color going up 5 boxes.
  13. Continue the straight weave up to the top and leave 3” of cording at the top.
  14. To do the arms of the cross, use the same color you started the cross with and weave from the left top row straight across to the middle of the cross.
  15. Stretch the cord straight across the back of the cross where the center of the cross has already been woven and then continue again on the right side of the cross.
  16. When you reach the right side, loop the lanyard cord like you did at the bottom of the cross and weave straight back to the left, again crossing the center in the back and continuing from the middle the left.
  17. Loop the end again at the left and repeat this process until you finish your weaving at the bottom left arm.
  18. Tie the ends of lanyard on the left arm together in a tight knot and trim the ends.
  19. At the top of the cross you should have 6- 3” lengths of cording. Hold three to the left and three to the right and thread those two sections with three beads each.
  20. Tie the ends of the cord in a knot at the top of the beads.


  • Plastic canvas is available in sheets in the needlework department of your local craft supply store.
  • You can use yarn and a needlework needle to create plenty of plastic canvas projects.
  • Make your own patterns by cutting a square or rectangle of canvas and practice weaving with different colors.

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