Study in United Kindom
Study in United Kingdom
Culture and Heritage
The UK has an extraordinarily rich and diverse artistic heritage, with British poets, playwrights, musicians, sculptors, painters and filmmakers enjoyed and admired all over the world.

The UK's contribution to the visual arts is immense and there are treats to be found around the country, from striking architecture to paintings, ceramics and sculptures which can be found in our many art galleries and museums.

A multicultural nation
Agriculture has traditionally been the mainstay of the economy, although it now employs only 10% of the population, while services and industry make up a much greater percentage of the gross domestic product.

Working in UK
There are rules and guidelines in the United Kingdom for students wanting to work while they study. These must be followed carefully, or visa/immigration problems can occur.

International Students
Those in the UK on a STUDENT VISA may only work 20 hours per week during term time. If they work any more than this, they are breaking the rules of their visa. They can work as many hours as they like during holiday periods. If you are on a student visa, you must also be enrolled on a full-time course (any course of more than 15 hours' daytime study per week).

Students with any other type of visa can work as many hours as they like, unless their visa states that work is 'prohibited'. This means this type of student cannot work while studying.

Prohibition on taking employment

The words on this visa stamp state that "you must not engage in employment paid or unpaid.

This means that you have to obtain the permission of the Home Secretary before you can work. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES CAN YOU WORK.

Some of the institutions we represent in UK
Studying in the UK
The backround
Each year, 1000s of international students come to study in the UK. There are a huge number of degree courses available. These range from medicine, law, accountancy and architecture to the arts, media, humanities, science and business.

Studying for a UK qualification is a sound, long-term investment. There is great value in living and studying here. You can use it to improve your English, get a job and make new friends and contacts.

Living in London
Whether you live in central London overlooking the River Thames, or in the more peaceful suburbs, you can still get to London Bridge in a few minutes. It's a cosmopolitan, it's exciting and it's one of the safest capital cities in the world.

The transport system is very efficient with a variety of ways to get across the city. Travel is straightforward with underground, bus (including night buses) and train networks. Transport For London provides 30% discount for students who qualify.

London is well connected by rail and road to the rest of the UK and Europe, and to the rest of the world with four major airports nearby. It's quite possible to develop a varied and interesting lifestyle in London on a budget. With substantial student discounts and so many of the city's most appealing attractions being free, you'll always find ways to make your money go further. Living in London will increase the value of your studies.

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