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Organic and Healthy

Organic and Healthy

Breeders Choice Brand seeds are made with great care and passion using Bio-Organic methods. At no time are chemicals used in the production of seed lines. Clean, Green and Healthy, just as Mother Nature intended..

Lowest Price, Highest Quality

Lowest Price, Highest Quality

Breeders Choice Brand seeds off the lowest prices possible combined with the quality only true passion and science combined can deliver. Choose Breeders Choice Brand, when only the best will do..

Welcome to Cannabiseye

Welcome to Cannabiseye

Welcome to Cannabiseye, the home of Breeders Choice Brand the finest Artisan Cannabis breeding combined with passion for the Conservation and promotion of one of Mother Natures most beautiful plants..

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Saturday, 12 June 2004 11:54

Welcome to Cannabiseye, Home of the Breeders Choice Brand. Home of artisan Cannabis seed makers. We create and conserve wonderful Cannabis genetics from around the world and bring you a colourful range of carefully selected, artisan created bio-organic Cannabis seeds. Our products are created by us from the very best of the Cannabis genepool, using careful selections techniques, science and a whole lot of love to deliver the utmost in Connoisseur quality Cannabis.

From the Highlands of Colombia, the Lowlands of Africa, the mountains of the Hindu Kush and the dense forests of the South East Asian regions, our breeders work with the most pure and legendary Cannabis traits found. Colombian Black, Colombian Gold and Colombian Purple, Purple Haze, PureHaze, Mexican, Indian, Thai, and pure Kush strains we offer a incredible range of tastes, highs and smiles in seed form. Lovingly crafted by Artisan breeders using fully bio-organic production. Clean, green and pure.

In addition to the best of the Classic Sativas, Breeders Choice also offer the finest selections from the Heirloom gene-pools, Trainwreck,The Wreck, Cranberry Haze, SoulFruit, exe.Kush, Royal Purple Kush, Chitrali, and more, all selected stable hybrids featuring the best of the legendary traits their parents are renowned for around the world.  All lines loving maintained and offered through our retailers. Read More

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Breeders Choice

Breeders Choice

Breeders Choice Brand has been delivering the finest quality of Artisan created Cannabis seed for many years. Supplying the very best of the Classic and Modern gene-pool to Cannabis Connoisseurs and collectors.. Read More

Clean Green

Clean and Green

Breeders Choice Seeds are made fully Organically using Bio Organic cultivation methods, very clean, very green and in harmony with the Cannabis species. Our seeds are dated, fresh and only the very best quality, Artisan seed stocks. Read More

Lowest Prices

Lowest-Prices Highest-Quality

Breeders Choice Brand seeds are some of the lowest priced seeds in the Cannabis Seed market today! at only 30 Euros, Recomended Retail Price, there is no finer quality seed source in the Cannabis World. Artisan quality, lowest price guaranteed.

Quality Assured

Quality Assured

All Breeders Choice Seeds are supplied to our retailers with a quality assurance guarantee with batch numbers allowing us to monitor age of seeds and stocks. We guarantee, no dud seeds, highest germination rates and quality, fresh seeds not more than 2 years old at sale.

Medical Quality

Medical Quality

All Breeders Choice Seeds are selected to provide the smoothest delivery of deep Medical effect's, thick smooth smoke, with no choke. The finest quality of medicinal Cannabis combined with the highest possible potency.

Breeders Choice Brand

Breeders Choice, Makers of: Pure Haze, Purple Haze, Royal Purple Kush, Kush, Trainwreck, The Wreck, Kachina, Coffee Kush, Cranberry Haze

The finest, Bio-Oganic, Cannabis seeds. Artisan produced in Europe to the highest quality standards.

Retail Sales

Individuals wanting to purchase Breeders Choice Seeds, visit CannaSeur.Com the leading retailer of Breeders Choice Brand.

With efficient, safe and world wide Shipping along with the latest stocks CannaSeur.Com

Wholesale Supply

Breeders Choice is a distributor of Quality Cannabis Seeds. We offer a number of wholesale programmes and larger order discounts.

If you are a seed retailer, medical marijuana user, dispensary or buyers club check out our wholesale pages.

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