Investigation of 14 Church Street

$15 per investigator

Investigation of the Both 16 and 14 Church St

$25 per investigator

Classes like Paranormal Self Defense/Physcic protection, Ghost Hunting 101, etc. can be combined with the investigation with discounted pricing on the class.

Please give us a call for more information or to set up a date.  



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Finally a place to get experience investigating private houses

One of the hardest things to do in this field is to get experience investigating private houses. Many people including myself try to discourage people from rusing right into investigating private houses when you are first starting out or are a new group. It's really a good idea to have some experience so that you dont do anything to put yourself or the residents in uncomfortable situations. For more experienced groups, testing out new techniques and equipment you want to use on cases usually has to be done on actual cases instead of sometime prior to the case.

This was one of main reasons we decided to expand The GhostHunter Store into the neighboring building. Now the Mount Holly store is made up of two adjoined three story houses that were built in the 1790's plus two separate basements. We use the top floors of 16 Church St as classrooms for all the classes and events we run. We have the top floors and basement of 14 Church St designed to be a location where small groups or teams can come to do investigations in an environment just like a private house. You can have an experienced investigator or two work with you during your investigation if you choose. There will be one or two on hand inside the store to answer any questions you may have during your investigation regardless.

I forgot the mention that the houses are haunted. I've been investigating buildings and houses all over the area in Mount Holly where the store is for over 12 years. It's a real hot bed of paranormal activity. We are 2 minutes from the Burlington County Prison Museum which has been on numerous TV shows on SyFy, Travel Channel, History Channel, Discovery Channel and many more. The store is haunted on both sides. We have spoken to witnesses dating back 40 years who reported ghost activity in these houses. We have also had 2 paranormal groups investigate the houses. Plus everyone who works here, some who never had experiences before, now experience paranormal phenomenon daily. Even the local police have responded to reports here.

There are plenty of things to see and do in the Mount Holly and Burlington County areas in addtion to all the haunted places. There are great hotels just a couple of miles down the road so it can be turned into a weekend trip. Any groups interested in taking a class we offer but its been to far to travel can now arrange to have a private class during the day and do your investigation of 14 Church Street at night. Special discounts and group rates are available.

Some of the Evidence collect by groups who have investigated here

Basic Rules:
  • Investigators must be 18 years old unless accompanied by one adult per persons 17 and under.    We recommend that children be at least 12 years old.

  • No Provoking.  We still have to work here regularly and do not want to deal with comlications brought about by this disrespectful activity.

  • No Ouija Boards.   We deal with enough bad spirits on our own investigations, we dont need to deal with them here as well.

  • No Spirit Rescues or attempts to force spirits to leave.  We have worked with a variety of people to help many spirits cross over since we have been here and the rest want to stay.  We respect their free will and decision to remain in these houses.