Hydrological data analysis and modelling


This page contains examples of hydrological data analysis and modelling using R. The routines use mainly functions that are available in the standard R packages. When non-standard packages are needed, they are listed at the beginning of each page. These can be downloaded and installed from CRAN.

If you are fairly new to R and are interested in using R for hydrology, check out this List of R basics, useful for hydrological data analysis


Two specific packages that are used in this tutorial have their own wiki page:

Please help to compile a comprehensive list of hydrology packages

Importing data

  • U.S. National Centers for Environmental Prediction (NCEP) Global Forecast System: The Biospherica webpage has a nice example of how to download and read NCEP data.

Topographical analysis

Basic hydrological analysis

  • calculating catchment characteristics

Hydrological modelling

Uncertainty analysis


  • Making nice hydrological graphs

Miscellaneous functions

  • Data formatting and preprocessing
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