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STG Announces Availability of In-Mesh WirelessHART Software for Industrial Wireless Networking


WirelessHART implementation developed by STG successfully interoperates at ACHEMA


STG products among First ZigBee™ Certified Products Now Available


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ZigBee & 802.15.4 Wireless


Universal Serial Bus (USB)



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Supporting Semiconductor Manufacturers with Improved Software 


Creating Market Opportunities for Network Equipment OEMs



Preparing for next generation operating systems?


Our expertise in porting software and 64-bit computing platforms can make sure your products are ready for the latest operating systems so you don't miss a single sales opportunity.


Contact us at today for a special offer on porting to these new platforms:


· Windows 7 / Windows Vista including WHQL


· Windows XP 64


· MacOS on Intel


· Solaris 10 on Intel



Great Products Are More Than

Great Hardware or Great Software


Product development is a very specialized discipline. At Software Technologies Group, we focus on product development for original equipment manufacturers, semiconductor vendors, software product companies and sophisticated end users.


Software Technologies Group's expertise in product development encompasses both software and hardware design.


Software development focuses on providing specialized technology like network protocol stacks, device drivers, complex applications and multi-platform ports. We also work with industry leaders in the semiconductor  and networking industries to provide device support, specialized software and pre/post sales assistance directly to their customers enabling them to focus on their core markets while still being able to provide high levels of service to their customers.


Hardware development services permit STG to  be your single source for hardware and software design and development including design, prototyping, implementation, manufacturing, pilot deployment and certification.


We help our customers . . .


Sell more products: Product development can address customer needs, add functionality and improve product performance to increase your sales.


Enter new markets: Product development can move your product from one environment or platform to another to open up new markets.


Get their products more readily accepted: Speed your products integration into new designs with product development to add wireless capabilities, APIs, protocol stack and network functionality.


Get to market faster: Professional product development services can address difficult problems in the design and implementation of your products.


Support their customers: Provide the custom product development customers demand without adding staff.


Complete development projects on time: Leverage our product development experience to complete your projects faster.