TiVo Version of the Ticket Channel

The Ticket Channel is now on TiVo!

The Ticket Channel has developed an exciting, first-of-its kind application that enables you to purchase tickets to live events - sports, concerts, theatre - using TiVo and your television remote control. It's interactive TV for the live event marketplace!

Note: The Ticket Channel is an independently owned corporation and is not affiliated with TiVo, Inc. Please go to www.tivo.com for information about TiVo.

Add the Ticket Channel to your TiVo:

  1. Go to Tivo Central using the TiVo button on your remote control.
  2. Select "Music, Photos, & Showcases"
  3. Select "Manually add a server..."
  4. Enter and select "Add server to list"

Once you add the Ticket Channel to your TiVo using your remote control, it will appear in the menu for "Music, Photos, & Showcases". Use the Ticket Channel to search for tickets to live events.

How It Works: Concert Example

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