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Sister Cities 

The sister cities of Tbilisi are:
Saarbruken, Nantes, Ljubljana, Insbruk, Atlanta, Palermo, Bristol, Bilbao, Kiev, Astana, Vilnius.


Saarbruken  is the capital of the Saarland land of Germany. The city has a population 209,104 people. The cooperation agreement between Tbilisi and Saarbruken was signed in 1975. The cooperation scope is wide and is in the field of culture, economy, public work, city-planning, and environment defense. It is worth mentioning that in Tbilisi there is Saarbruken square and in Saarbruken there is Tbilisi square.


Nantes  the sixth largest city in France, administrative centre of Loire region and the Loire Atlantic metropolitan area is situated in western France, 55 km from the Atlantic coast.
A twining agreement between Nantes and Tbilisi was signed in 1979. interesting projects are taking place in various fields such as education, culture, medicine, tourism and local democracy.
If should be mentioned that after the Rose  revolution  in 2003 Nantes hosted “ Georgian Week” (political conferences, performances, films screening) which was the response to the launch of development of democracy in Georgia


The capital of Slovenia,  Ljubljana represents the city of central Europe. The partnership agreement between the cities was signed on October 14, 1979. The cooperation involves mainly the sport sphere.


Insbruk is the capital of the province of Tirol in the west of Austria. The agreement on friendly cooperation between the Insbruk and Tbilisi was signed in 1982. The cooperation comprises the matters of sport, culture, education, tourism and economy.


Atlanta is the capital and the largest city of the Georgia state. Its population comprises of  425,000 people. .The cooperation agreement was signed between the cities in the sphere of culture, education, economics, and sports on October 10, 1987.


Palermo  is the capital and the fifth largest town in Sicily with the population of 660,460 people. The cooperation between Palermo and Tbilisi began on November 21, 1987, mainly regarding the realm of culture, sport, science and economy.


Bristol is one of the administrative centers of south-west England. The population of the town comprises 391,525 people. Bristol is the eighth largest town in England and the eleventh largest town in the United Kingdom. The cooperation agreement between the two towns was signed on July 12 1988, which enhanced relations in the sphere of sports, culture, and economics of the community.


Bilbao the largest city of Pai Vako, is located in the south of Spain. The population of the city comprises of 350,000 people. Bilbao and Tbilisi became Sister Cities in 1989. They cooperate in many fields such as; culture, art, sport, economy, public life, and science.


Kiev is the largest cultural, political, and business center Ukraine.The cooperation agreement between Tbilisi and Kiev was signed  on May 29, 1999. The cooperation is in the field of sports, culture, transport, science, and environment defense.


Astana has been the capital of Kazakhstan since 1998. Its population comprises of 520,000 people. The name “Astana” means “the main town”. The city is located in central Kazakhstan on the river Ishrim. The cooperation agreement between Astana and Tbilisi was signed in March0f 2005, which led to close cooperation in almost all fields including: the economy, culture, sports, transport, environment defense, among others.


Vilnius is the largest city and the capital  of Lithuania, with a population of 555, 613 as of  December 2008.

The agreement on Twinning between Vilnius and Tbilisi was  signed in 2009. The cooperation comprises the matters of culture, sport, education, tourism as well as economy.


On October 8, 2010 ,an agreement on cooperation and friendship was signed in Warsaw  between Tbilisi and Warsaw .
The agreement aims at future friendship and cooperation of two cities, sharing of information and experience , effective  running of  cultural, sport, tourism , economic affairs and other.  The agreement envisages  educational visits, exchange of pupils and people of art.



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