About us

Verve Energy is the leading electricity producer in Western Australia.

We are an innovative and successful company with a reputation for reliability and efficiency.

Verve Energy owns and operates an extensive and diverse portfolio of power stations and renewable energy systems.

We have major power stations in Collie, Kwinana, Cockburn and Pinjar, north of Perth which are fired with gas, coal or distillate.

We also generate electricity from wind farms at Albany, Esperance and Kalbarri; and innovative wind-diesel systems in Bremer Bay, Coral Bay, Denham and Hopetoun. We are also developing a solar facility and investigating pump storage.

Our power stations feed electricity into a power grid called the South West Interconnected System (SWIS), the area bound by Kalbarri in the north, Kalgoorlie in the east, and Albany in the south.

We have a generation capacity of 2967MW and we produce about 10,000GWh of electricity each year. This is about 60% of all the electricity in the WA market.

Verve Energy participates in the Wholesale Electricity Market, competing with privately-owned energy companies in the SWIS.

Verve Energy proudly supports people and projects in the local communities in which our major power stations are located. We focus on youth, education and the environment. We are looking to increase that support.

We’re owned by the State Government and our Board reports to the Minister for Energy.

File 73We are the only producer in the SWIS which runs power stations using three different fuels which gives us great flexibility. Gas for our power stations comes from the North-West Shelf and coal from the Collie coal fields.

We employ about 610 people with a range of skills including engineers, power station controllers, tradespeople, technicians, apprentices, cadets, IT specialists, business analysts, accountants and administrative services.