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Asia International Guitar Festival & Competition 2013


Pattaya Classical Guitar Festival & Competition 2013


Indonesia International Guitar Festival & Competition 2013

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 Wednesday 31 December 1969 - 19:00:31 | Admin

A message to all interested people in Thailand and around the world.

We go a new way with new ideas and ambitions about the classical guitar in Thailand and hope to make it more attractive for all people that enjoy the way of classical guitar playing.

We offer:
private lessons.
Lessons in group or private for technique.
Lessons in group or private for interpretation.
Lessons in group or private for perform on stage.

We try to make the classical guitar more attractive for our members and students. We choose the best staff we know to work with us. Our experience and knowledge from many festivals that we played last years in all parts of the world, our more than 20 years teaching experience at Universities, music schools and masterclasses in the festivals that we visited and finally to organize the Asia International Guitar Festival since 2001, give our students more confidence and more ideas about the way to play classical guitar.
We present everybody the best guitarists and guitar makers in the world. Make contact with other guitar societies and festivals.
Exchange ideas between other countries and between our self.

The" Asia International Guitar Festival" in Bangkok advance to the biggest event around the classical guitar in Asia and we are proud of.

We collaborate together with famous guitarists, for example: Roberto Limon, Ermanno Bottiglieri, Costas Cotsiolis, David Russell, Alvaro Pierri, Pavel Steidl, Aniello Desiderio, Zoran Dukic, Hugo Geller, Jorgos Panetsos, Pepe Romero, Flavio Cucchi. Galina Vale, Duo Amadeus, Thomas-Friedrich Kirchhoff, Sachiko Miyashita, Lester Demetillo, Gentaro Takada, Minoru Inagaki, Dagmar and Josef Zsapka, Jorge Luis Zamora, Roman Viazovskiy, Tomonori Arai and many others.
With famous guitar makers like: Yuichi Imai, Karl Heinz & Falko Roemmich, Kim Hee Hong, Masaki Sakurai, Sumio Kurosawa, Young Seo, Hanief Palopo, Wiroon Songbundit, Raks Chingsakol, Narongsak Visesnut and we try to get new relations with others.

Visit us at :
1930/1 Sukumvit rd. soi 60, Bang Chak, Prakanong, Bangkok 10260
tel 027414943, 0814449804 fax 027414940 BTS station Bang Chak.

1930/1 ถนนสุขุมวิทระหว่างซอย58กับ60 แขวงบางจาก เขตพระโขนง กทม. 10260 โทรศัพท์ 027414943, 0814449804 แฟกซ์ 027414940 BTS สถานีบางจาก.

or contact us by phone or E-mail.

Woratep Rattana-umpawan
Tel : +66 81 854 9368

Leon Koudelak
Tel: :+66 81 453 1941

We welcome everybody. From beginners to high level players at any ages.

We hope to get your attention with this information.

Leon Koudelak and Woratep Rattana-umpawan

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