Welcome to The Conversations Network

The Conversations Network was a listener-supported non-profit podcast network produced by a global team of passionate audio/video producers and editors. Founded with the launch of the IT Conversations podcast in 2003, The Conversations Network ceased daily operations at the end of 2012. Thanks to the Internet Archive we have managed to preserve our content for all to access for free in perpetuity.

There are hundreds of thousands of lectures, interviews, speeches, conferences, meetings, radio and TV programs and podcasts on the Web. But how do you find the good ones? SpokenWord.org was a free service that helped you find, share and keep track of spoken-word recordings. All of the nearly two million audio and video programs and feeds were submitted to our database by our members. A list of the RSS/Atom feeds in OPML format is still available.
CHI Conversations, covered the design, human factors, cognitive psychology and social science of Computer/Human Interaction. CHI Conversations published programs from BayCHI, a remarkable volunteer organization in the San Francisco Bay Area.
IT Conversations was our original channel, at the time the longest-running podcast on the planet. IT Conversations published a new audio program nearly every day, from the most important tech conferences to our unique programs. Not just IT, it was everything tech and beyond.
Our Social Innovation Conversations channel was dedicated to social change, from the pandemic of AIDS, to challenges posed by climate change and global poverty. Social Innovation Conversations was co-produced with the Center for Social Innovation (CSI) at the Stanford Graduate School of Business. CSI has taken over the SIC podcast and has continued to produce exciting new programs.
One of our proudest accomplishments is the development and distribution of The Levelator, free software for audio engineers that adjusts the levels within programs for variations from one speaker to the next. Downloaded more than half a million times and in use throughought the audio and radio world, we've done our best to ensure The Levelator remains updated and available for free well after the shutdown of our day-to-day operations.