Joanne Bradford

Chief Revenue Officer, Demand Media

Embracing The Data Layer
10 minutes, 4.9mb, recorded 2011-10-19
Joanne Bradford

Joanne Bradford is CMO and Chief Revenue Officer of Demand Media, one of the largest content vendors on the web. They make service articles and videos, the most popular being

Bradford gives advice to writers on how to win the content game: Know what you're good at, build your fan base, learn the technology, and be prolific. She outlines the way that crowdsources "funny" from among 2500 writers to decide which articles should be written.

Bradford catalogs Demand Media's most popular sites, including LiveStrong, Cracked,, and fashion channel,

Joanne Bradford oversees all of Demand Media’s consumer marketing, sales, business development and account management. Most recently, Joanne held the position of Senior Vice President at Yahoo! where she was responsible for North American Revenue and Market Development generating $4 billion in revenue. Previously, Joanne served as a Chief Revenue Officer at Microsoft’s Internet Business unit where she helped grow online revenue to more than $2 billion and introduced innovative services such as in-game advertising and self-serve search advertising platforms.

Joanne began her career at McGraw-Hill, worked at Business Week magazine as Vice President of Sales and Marketing. Joanne has served on the IAB and Ad Council boards. Presently Bradford serves on the board of CARE and is an Advisor to Greycroft Partners.


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