Katie Ball

Independent Producer

McLemonade: A Taste of Political Intolerance
13 minutes, 6.4mb, recorded 2008-10-31
Topics: Culture Politics
Katie Ball

The election of Barack Obama has been rightly hailed as a welcome reversal of hundreds of years of bigotry and intolerance.  However, independent producer Katie Ball presents an example of how political intolerance still exists, even with the election of an African-American President.

She presents the story of a child's lemonade stand in Florida, where the parents covered up their John McCain signs to avoid offending anyone.  Her commentary, set against a musical backdrop, reflects on political prejudices within a battleground state and within her own heart. Her thoughts form a fitting conclusion to the end of the 2008 campaign season.

Katie Ball's start in radio was a direct by-product of promoting a self-published book that she had written on the Orlando music scene. In 2004 she was a guest artist on 90.7, WMFE's The Arts Connection. She had no real thoughts of doing radio but the interview went well and she was invited to return -- first as a production intern and then as a paid music contributor. She branched out into covering artists in other mediums and has recently started working on documentary pieces as well. Her latest project was as the producer for 19 StoryCorps features for WMFE. She also hosted a bluegrass show for three years at Rollins college station, 91.5, WPRK.


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