Joshua Bixby

President, Strangeloop Networks

The Relationship Between Faster Mobile Sites and Business KPIs
28 minutes, 12.9mb, recorded 2011-11-08
Joshua Bixby

Following quickly on the heels of the internet revolution, another revolution has already begun. According to Joshua Bixby, President of StrangeLoop Networks, this is the mobile revolution. After advising young entrepeneurs to jump right into this fresh market, Joshua begins to clue us into the real world of the mobile internet market. He presents us with two case studies that his company has run for anonymous clients.

The first case study brings us into the world of online commerce. The particular client has both physical sotres, as well as an online presence. Joshua focuses on the mobile sector of the online presence. After presenting us with various data and findings about the clients online business metrics, Joshua's point becomes clear. Potential buyers react strongly to latency and online businesses are far more likely to gain returning customers if their webpages are responsive.

The second study focuses on a client with a task-based web presence. Again Joshua presents us with data and metrics that point to an undeniable conclusion. Customers do not want to wait on their webpages to load. Joshua has been allowed by this client to slow their webpage down by fractions of a second. These fractions of a second end up reducing the lot of those customers completeing the task by over thirty percent.

In this lecture, Joshua guides us through the past few years of growth of the mobile market. His advice is sound and his introductory subject rings true; The next technological revolution is now, it is the mobile revolution.

Joshua Bixby oversees marketing, partnerships, product management and defines Strangeloop's strategic marketing and product direction. Joshua has more than 10 years of experience in the technology industry. He co-founded and served as president and chief executive officer of IronPoint Technology, helping lead the company to a successful acquisition by The Active Network in 2006. Josh has served as senior vice president, Marketing and Product Development, at NTS Internet Solutions after having held senior marketing and product roles at MNK, and GRAPAD. Before entering high tech, Joshua worked with micro-finance institutions in Benin, West Africa, auditing banks and implementing financial controls. Joshua is a recipient of Business in Vancouver's 2007 Top 40 Under 40.


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