Update from The Conversations Network

A Podcast from Doug Kaye, Executive Director

March 8, 2008
5 minutes, 2.3mb, recorded 2008-03-02

No More Annoying Intros and Promos

By popular demand we've created a "premium" version of our programs for all paid members of The Conversations Network. If your membership is current and you're logged into the web site, you'll only hear the "up next" ID at the top of the show, possibly a very short comment, then the body of the program. As a benefit of paid membership you'll now bypass 1-2 minutes of music, intros, promos and acknowledgments.

And we've got even more features planned for our supporting members, so if you'd like to take advantage of these and help keep us "on the air" please upgrade your membership here:


Note that premium versions are currently only available for streaming and downloading from the web site. We're working on doing the same for files delivered by RSS.

Comments are Back!

For a variety of reasons, mostly related to spam, comments have been an on-and-off thing on The Conversations Network. I think we've solved the problem (again), and you can now post comments on any of our program detail pages. The feature is a little bit hard to find for now. Just look for the "Comments" hyperlink and join in the conversation. A redesign of our detail pages is coming in the next two months or so.

Conference Call On Line

Every quarter we hold a conference call with our senior staff and our major individual contributors: Donors, Benefactors and Patrons who donate US$100 or more to The Conversations Network. Last week's call was one of the most interesting and productive ever, and I've published the MP3 version here:


We discussed a number of issues related to the future direction of The Conversations Network. That discussion is continuing on our forums, and I encourage you to participate in that conversation:


Excerpts are Back, Too!

Another popular feature of The Conversations Network has also been missing for more than two years: Excerpts. Using this tool, you can create a URL that refers to any short segment of any program. You can then copy/paste this URL into your blog or other web site and when visitors click on it they'll hear just the portion of the program you selected. Look for the "Excerpt" link on any detail page. Here's an example from one of my favorite shows:


And the Pitch...

Less than 0.2% of our listeners support us financially. While we're grateful for every dollar, it's just not enough. In order to continue our mission -- let alone add new channels -- we need your help. Please consider joining as a paid member of The Conversations Network. Dues and donations are a major part of our funding.Become a supporting member:


You asked for it and we heard you. You'll now find a Donate button for one-time donations on all IT Conversations and Social Innovation Conversations pages. You can donate any amount via credit card, PayPal, check and now Facebook Causes.

Make a one-time donation:

For those in the U.S., The Conversations Network is a California nonprofit public benefit corporation and a section 501(c)(3) public charity under the Internal Revenue Code, contributions to which are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.

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