Amina Al-Sadi


Our Time: Teens and Politics
29 minutes, 13.4mb, recorded 2008-10-31
Amina Al-Sadi

As members of the first post-September 11th generation, young adults are being presented with a world full of disasters and hard choices.  They have to decide whether they are going to get involved in the political process or sit it out.  How are they dealing with the issues of elections and government? Are they more or less likely to vote?

Amina Al-Sadi, a college freshman, is featured in this excerpt for a public radio special produced by and for teenagers.  She presents a number of reports and interviews by young people who are dealing with a different reality than many of their parents. 

Amina Al–Sadi is the host of the original show. She is a freshman at the University of Washington and a graduate of KUOW's Weekday High. She loves to read, write and share what she learns, especially when that helps us understand our multicultural society.



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