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Electoral Dysfunction 2008
17 minutes, 7.8mb, recorded 2008-10-24
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Politics has always been the subject of sketch comedy and this year's election is no different.  However, Saturday Night Live is only scratching the surface with its writing.  Kansas Public Radio's Right Between the Ears takes on the presidential campaign in "Electoral Dysfunction 2008".

This is an excerpt from the full show, which is recorded before a studio audience at Kansas City's Off Center Theatre.  The full show is an hour of high energy take-offs and put-ons, spiced with off-the-wall sound effects and music.

Right Between the Ears is a four-time winner of the Gold Medal as Best Comedy Program at the New York Festivals, and is broadcast every week on Sirius Satellite Radio's Laugh Break 105, as well as Kansas Public Radio Stations.


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