Arnaud Becart

Product Manager, Datametrie, IP-Label

Exhaustive End-User Monitoring
17 minutes, 8.1mb, recorded 2011-11-09
Arnaud Becart

End user experience is critical to the success of any online service and this experience is monitored by software applications that are of two basic types – active and passive. In passive monitoring, real user data are recorded from user interaction in a website and are analyzed for performance levels. In active monitoring, instead of real user data, scripts are used to emulate the paths that users take within a web application or service. These paths are then monitored for performance under various simulated scenarios.

Arnaud Becart, Product Manager at ip-label, speaks at the Velocity Conference on how ip-label has embraced both active and passive methods to develop an exhaustive end user monitoring solution for its clients. Speaking on the importance of end user monitoring in this age of cloud computing and SaaS, Becart outlines how a comprehensive performance management solution can help businesses enforce their stringent Service Level Agreements.

Citing several examples, the presentation discusses how ip-label helps its clients in monitoring user experience across different platforms, several browsers, diverse locations, multiple devices, various content types and varied contexts. According to Becart, exhaustive deployment end-user monitoring systems not just provide metrics on KPIs of end user experience, but also help digital service providers in benchmarking these indicators across different Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) to choose the right one. 

Arnaud Becart graduated in the field of Quality of Service for IP networks and joined ip-label in 2006 as a Technical Account Manager, dealing with implementation, training and customer care for its end-user monitoring solutions. In 2010, Arnaud took over the product management of Datametrie, an End-User monitoring solution developed by ip-label as a Software as a Service which has been used since 2000 to monitor web, business, mobile, voice and video applications. As a Product Specialist and an International Presales Engineer, Arnaud has developed strong skills in the field of Web and Application performance monitoring, contributing to ip-label’s growing success over the past five years.


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