Luke Hohmann

CEO, Enthiosys

Translating In-Person "Innovation Games" to On-Line Tools
41 minutes, 19mb, recorded 2009-05-12

Luke Hohmann thinks teams should engage more productively and creatively in the product design and development process. To that goal, his career commitment to agile methods complements his latest professional focus: Innovation Games, originally designed as in-person, goal-directed, serious games.  Now, Luke is translating the games to a new, on-line, serious gaming platform.

Luke's company, Enthiosys, had some expectations about the translation. Some expectations were validated. More interesting were the unexpected joys and surprising sorrows. Luke presents a few of the games and invites the audience to play in-person and on-line games.  He describes how these games can support agile development.

Luke Hohmann is founder and CEO of Enthiosys and the author of three books and numerous articles on software product management. Before founding Enthiosys in 2003, Luke was vice president of business development in the U.S. for Aladdin Knowledge Systems, vice president of engineering and product development at Aurigin Systems, education technical director at ObjectSpace, and vice president of systems engineering at EDS Fleet Services. Luke graduated magna cum laude with a B.S.E. in Computer Engineering and an M.S.E. in Computer Science and Engineering from the University of Michigan. In addition to data structures and artificial intelligence, he studied cognitive psychology and organizational behavior. He is also a former national junior pairs figure skating champion and a certified aerobics instructor. In his spare time, Luke likes roughhousing with his four kids and his wife's cooking. He also enjoys long runs in the Santa Cruz mountains to burn off his wife's cooking.


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