Nick van der Kolk, Barbara Bernstein

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Campaign Promises: Use of Force, Hope in 2008
10 minutes, 4.9mb, recorded 2008-10-03
Nick van der Kolk, Barbara Bernstein

Across from Logan Airport, Nick van der Kolk, freelance producer and host of alt.NPR's Love & Radio, interviews Max, a naturalized citizen from the Dominican Republic. The immigrant talks about the importance of a president showing strength and power. Nick follows Max's thoughts with some of the comments made by the candidates on the topic.

Then, independent producer Barbara Bernstein talks about an Obama speech in her home town of Portland, Oregon, and goes back in time to 1968 when she was alienated from the electoral process during the presidential race between Hubert Humphrey and Richard Nixon. With the help of some friends she looks at why 2008 feels so different to so many older progressive activists. 

Nick van der Kolk is the main brain behind Love & Radio, a freelance radio producer, documentarian, and man about town. His radio career began as the General Manager of Bard College's student-run station, WXBC. His worked has aired on Marketplace, Re:Sound, WGBH Boston, KUOW Seattle, Connecticut Public Radio, and a small community station on an island in the middle of the Bering Sea. He lives in Cambridge, MA with 9 roommates, and when he dances, he dances with commitment.

Barbara Bernstein has been producing radio documentaries for over 20 years and has received numerous awards, including a quite a few NFCB Golden and Silver Reels and two NLGJA Radio awards. Her most recent productions are two one-hour documentaries "Sculpted By Fire" and "Urban Green." Bernstein is also a guitarist, vocalist, violist and composer, and plays European Cabaret and tangos with a band called Padam Padam.


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