Snigdha Prakash, Todd Melby

Reporters, National Public Radio

Campaign Promises: Health Care, The Economy
10 minutes, 4.9mb, recorded 2008-09-19
Todd Melby, Snigdha Prakash

Barack Obama promises change in Washington to bring health care coverage to all Americans, but veteran NPR reporter Snigdha Prakash asks "Is Washington ready to go along?" She interviews a long time insurance industry lobbyist who helped defeat the Clinton health care plan; he says the same tactics will be used again to defeat an Obama plan if he's elected. But then we hear from a new group in Washington with deep pockets and a mandate from millions of Americans.

Todd Melby interviews Monique Williams.  After her stepfather died, her mother went "out of control." So the teenager from Hammond, Indiana rented her own apartment and worked two jobs. She graduated from high school, but didn't have the money for college. Instead, she worked a pair of part-time jobs. Monique's job at a grocery store deli paid $7.29 per hour and her job at Wendy's paid $5.90 per hour. "It wasn't that much ... that's why I had to keep working," she says.

Snigdha Prakash is a reporter for National Public Radio.

Todd Melby has produced news features for NPR's Day to Day, The World, Marketplace, The Environment Report and others. With Diane Richard, has also produced three documentaries for Chicago Public Radio, including "Spirit and Body Willing: Sex Over Age 70," which won a national Edward R. Murrow award in 2004. Another documentary -- "Flatlined: How Illinois Shortchanges Rural Students" -- won a 2006 Sigma Delta Chi award. Todd is also the host and curator of the "Listening Lounge," a weekly documentary program that airs on KFAI in Minneapolis.



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