Rebecca Sheir, Sandra Sleight-Brennan

Campaign Promises: Israel, Energy
10 minutes, 5mb, recorded 2008-09-13
Topics: Media Politics
Rebecca Sheir, Sandra Sleight-Brennan

Does Barack Obama really have a "Jewish problem"? Producer Rebecca Sheir travels to Brookline, Massachusetts -- also affectionately known as "Baruch-line," since 40% of its residents are Jewish -- to find out what's got everybody so concerned. She talks with members of Jews For Obama, and meet a woman who's fallen victim to the latest  campaign. She also presents excerpts from Obama's promises concerning the world's only Jewish state, and finds out why nabbing the Jewish vote might not be as cut-and-dried as one might think.

McCain says that market forces will solve our energy issues, but how can green technologies compete with big oil and coal? Last summer, at the national Solar Energy Conference in Cleveland, entrepreneurs and policy makers had lots of ideas on how government could help or hinder cleaner energy. Independent Producer Sandra Sleight-Brennan tries to put McCain's presidential promises in perspective.


Rebecca Sheir is a freelance producer and reporter. She was the host and associate producer of AK, the award-winning magazine program on the Alaska Public Radio Network. Rebecca also worked at WSUI, Eastern Iowa's NPR news station, as the producer and co-host of Weekend America: Iowa Edition, guest host of Talk of Iowa: Live From the Java House, and local drive-time voice of All Things Considered. She also designed and taught the undergraduate radio essay/commentary course, "Radio Voices," which she reprised at the University of Alaska Anchorage.

Sandra Sleight-Brennan has been producing features and long form documentaries that help listeners to interpret their history and environment for eighteen years as an independent producer. She has won 21 national and international awards for her work including Best of Show from The Association of American Women in Radio and TV. Her features have aired on National Public Radio, The Osgood Files, Interworld Radio, Living On Earth, and Soundprint.




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