Marak Squires

Marak Squires has been an important project for Marak Squires since 2006. Charlie Robbins describes it as "a full-featured I/O framework for node.js that enables a simple way to distribute your application across multiple node.js processes using the new EventEmitter2 API and leveraging the power of Crash-only software." In this technical discussion, Marak reviews both the history of, as well as both how it works and its specifications. Node.js experts and novices will find his discussion most illuminating.


Marak Squires is an early adopter and boisterous evangelist of Node.js, He has over ten years professional development experience ranging from small-government to enterprise. He's worked in a variety of fields building full-stack solutions for real-time data and video, and now dislikes working in anything but Node.js. In addition to being a top ranked Github user, Marak is also known for producing several popular technology related rap songs and videos.


This free podcast is from our Technometria with Phil Windley series.

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