Donor/Manager Quarterly Conference Call

The Conversations Network

November 20, 2008
27 minutes, 12.7mb, recorded 2008-11-20

A recording of the quarterly conference call with The Conversations Network's major individual donors (donors, patrons and benefactors) and our executive producers. This quarter: ITC and SIC updates; '08 Conversations wraps up after 25 episodes;1.984 programs published to date; should hit 2.040 by year's end. Downloads have increase from 300,000/mo in January to 520,000 in October. We're making good use of our $10,000 in-kind Google Grant, having finally figured out the ins and outs of AdWords.

We're at 297 paid members (27 students, 195 basic, 45 donors, 9 patrons and 3 benefactors. They bring us $18,225 in annualized donations, enough to cover the publication costs of 182 programs. remains on hold due to the lack of someone willing to step up into a management role there., on the other hand, is doing well. We hope to switch from alpha to beta just in January 2009, once the functionaity stabilizes.

This free podcast is from our The Conversations Network Conference Calls series.

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