Erin Malone

Principal, Tangible UX

Go with the Flow: Social Onboarding and Virality
54 minutes, 25mb, recorded 2010-12-14
Erin Malone

Have you had an experience with a social network that left you confused or frustrated? If so, you've experienced what Erin Malone describes as continuity failure. Instead of gracefully moving from one stage of interaction to the next, your progressive experience was interrupted.

Erin Malone draws on her research in support of her book, Designing Social Interfaces, with Christian Crumlish, to identify numerous patterns that help understand critical user interactions, including user registrations, sending invitations, using gaming features, and sharing content.

Erin uses a common design feature from nature to introduce a new way to think about user interaction. By modeling how users interact with a system, Erin emphasizes that designers think about the progressive experience of users. She gives real-lilfe examples that embody her design patterns.

(We regret that the audio quality of this program is not up to our usual standards, due to a technical problem with the live recording.)

Erin Malone, principal at Tangible UX, has over 20 years of experience leading design teams and developing web and software applications, social experiences, and system-wide solutions.

Previously, at Yahoo!, she led the Platform User Experience Design Team and was responsible for building the Yahoo! Design Pattern Library. She led the redesign of the Yahoo! Developer Network, oversaw the redesign of Yahoo!'s Registration system, designed cross-network social solutions, developed the UX team's intranet, and led other cross-company initiatives.

Before Yahoo!, she was a design director at AOL, leading a range of community and personalization initiatives, creative director at AltaVista, responsible for the AV Live portal and community tools, and chief information architect for Zip2, which produced a custom content management system for local city guides, entertainment guides, maps, and yellow pages, including New York Today for the New York Times.


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