Glen Hiemstra, Glen Leonhard

Beyond Web 2.0
12 minutes, 5.7mb, recorded 2007-08-17
Glen Hiemstra, Glen Leonhard

In general terms, Web 2.0 has been described as a more interactive, less passive form of the web. In truth, it is actually the culmination of ideas first proposed during the initial phase of the web. In this episode, Gerd and Glen speculate on what will be the next phase of web development.

Rather than just looking a few years ahead, they talk about what might be the shape of online activity in ten or twenty years. For example, they talk about how there won’t be a real distinction between online and offline, especially for the Digital Natives who are growing up with no knowledge of this distinction. The two also talk about how they see the web of the future as an augmentation of reality. It is clear that the science fiction of the past is becoming more and more likely in the future.

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Based in Switzerland, Gerd Leonhard has spent over twenty-five years in the technology and entertainment industries. In 2005, Gerd co-authored the critically acclaimed book "The Future of Music" which has become a must-read for music industry professionals around the globe. Gerd's second book "The End of Control" is now available for free at, further expanding the scope of his work into TV, Film, Radio and Print Media. Gerd's clients include the EBU/ ABU, SonyBMG, the BBC, RTL, Granada International, Nokia-Siemens, ITV, Unisys, Gracenote, and the European Commission. He is much in demand as a speaker at many leading events and conferences around the globe, and is considered a leading blogger and visionary.

Gerd is an expert on the drastic changes that are impacting content, media and communication companies as a consequence of the rapid deployment of new, disruptive technologies, and of convergence; he is equally fluid in technology, legal issues, social and cultural contexts, business models and general trends that affect media and communications. Gerd is also a serial entrepreneur, with a focus on digital music, currently serving as CEO of Sonific LLC, a San Francisco based company that provides music applications and widgets for blogs, social networks and online communities. He also holds a Jazz Performance (Guitar) Diploma by Berklee College of Music (87), and is the recipient of Berklee's Quincy Jones Jazz Masters Award (1985).

Glen Hiemstra is the founder and owner of Glen has advised professional, business, and governmental organizations for two decades. He is the author of Turning the Future into Revenue: What Businesses and Individuals Need to Know to Shape Their Futures, from John Wiley & Sons, 2006. Previously he co-authored Strategic Leadership: Achieving Your Preferred Future.

An expert in preferred future planning, Glen has worked on projects that range from science and technology, to economics, demographics and transportation, and energy and the environment. He has also served as a technical advisor for television programs set in the future. In a first career, Glen was an award-winning educator. He has been a Visiting Scholar at the Human Interface Technology Lab at the University of Washington, which works on virtual and augmented reality technology. He is on the Advisory Board of EcoMedia.

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