PodCorps Update - January 9, 2008

Doug Kaye, Executive Director

4 minutes, 2.2mb, recorded 2008-01-09

500+ Stringers Now in the Database

Last night we reached a major milestone. We now have more than 500 stringers in the PodCorps.org database, half way towards our goal of 1,000. Thanks to all of you for joining. We're getting close to the critical mass we need.

Skype for Interviews -- Yes!

After years of discouraging the use of Skype for interviews here at The Conversations Network, we’re now saying a resounding Yes! Paul Figgiani and I have prepared this audiovisual presentation that covers all you need to know in order to get true broadcast-quality Skype recordings.

Welcome, Association of Independents in Radio

AIR is an organization of more than 600 independent public-radio producers in the U.S. After months of working with AIR's management and members, I'm thrilled to announce that we've rolled out our TapeSync feature as the place where AIR members and other professionals in radio can find a stringer to record remote interviews. If you're an AIRster, welcome to PodCorps.org.If you're not a member of AIR, you should consider joining. Thereare terrific benefits and it's a great way to become a part of the public-radio community. AIRster or not, I encourage you to register for the new TapeSync marketplace where producers come to find stringers. Go to your PodCorps profile page and check the "record audio [or video] tapesyncs" box. Many of these are paying gigs.

P/T Audio Pros Wanted! (Yes, there's money in podcasting.)

And speaking of paying gigs, did you know you can earn wine money" (a little more than beer money) by producing programs for The Conversations Network? We're looking for both writer/editors and post-production audio engineers to join TeamITC, the worldwide team of people who produce our programs in their spare time.

The PodCorps.org Forums (Fora?) are Open

We had a bit of a bug that was making it difficult for people to post new topics to our forums. We've fixed that now, and I hope you'll start using the forums as the place to discuss PodCorps.org, TapeSyncs, the Levelator, recording via Skype and other topics that you and other PodCorps.org members find valuable. There's not much there yet. We're waiting for you!

Check Your Profile! (Are you really in China?)

In looking at our stringer map, I see that many of you are clearly on the wrong continent! PLEASE review your profile and click on the "Get My Latitude/Longitude" button. Make certain that your location appears in the proper place on the map. If you're shown in the wrong location, please correct the text in the "Location" field and click on the button again until the map location is correct.

We're a Facebook Cause -- Join Us

You can now join The Conversations Network Facebook Causes application. You don't need to make a donation, although we wouldn't turn it down. Just joining helps us get attention and perhaps even win the Facebook daily $1,000 challenge.

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