Scott Finn

Reporter/Producer, West Virginia Public Broadcasting

Race Issues in Battleground States
9 minutes, 4.2mb, recorded 2008-07-17
Topics: Media Politics
Scott Finn

In the 2008 Presidential election, race has become a major issue in many of the battleground states in the primaries.  West Virginia stood out as an example of how difficult it is likely to be for Obama's campaign to deal with this problem in the general election.  Scott Finn of West Virginia Public Broadcasting filed this report soon after the May state primary, where poll results showed how race and religion affected the election.

Scott Finn began working as a reporter/producer for West Virginia Public Broadcasting in January 2007. For the previous seven years, he covered politics, government and business for the Charleston Gazette, where he won several national awards. Before he started working as a reporter, he founded a family literacy program called Appalread in Logan, West Virginia and spent two years as a VISTA volunteer in Big Ugly Creek, West Virginia.


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