2008 Presidential Campaign

The Electoral Hot Commodity
7 minutes, 3.7mb, recorded 2008-06-19
Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, John McCain

While the female vote has always been important in modern elections, the 2008 Presidential candidates have found women to be an electoral hot commodity. Given that polls find a large segment to be bothindependent and undecided, both sides must find ways to sway them. Charles Lane, PRX Election Curator, presents some speech examples from John McCain and Barack Obama, as well as Susan Kottler's review of the 2008 Presidential Bake-Off Cookies.

Susan Kottler has two careers, both favoring nosiness. As a psychotherapist she hears people's innermost secrets, and as a real estate broker, she gets to look inside their closets. After a traditional, rural childhood, these experiences, plus being a parent, have taught her about the complexities of life. She finds that writing offers the opportunity to wave the wands of memory and thought over events and, like playing with a Woolly Willy, to see how the small pieces line up and how patterns emerge to form a picture and a story.


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