Update from The Conversations Network

A Podcast from Doug Kaye, Executive Director

September 16, 2007
6 minutes, 3.1mb, recorded 2007-09-16

Channel Re-Integration

Seven weeks ago, I announced that we were integrating our two channels, IT Conversations and Social Innovation Conversationsunder the single banner of The Conversations Network. I'm glad to be able to tell you that integration is now mostly completed.The following are some details that may affect our listeners and members:

1. RECOMMENDATIONS. Our recommendation and rating system, provided by Loomia, now includes programs from all channels, so if you typically only listen to one channel, you'll likely seethat we occasionally recommend a program from another channel.

2. URLs. Most of our thousands of web pages now have newaddresses. If we did everything correctly, you shouldn't notice: All the old URLs should be redirected to the new ones. But ifyou do encounter a problem, please let us know at support@conversationsnetwork.org.

3. PERSONAL PROGRAM QUEUES. If you've been using your freePersonal Program Queue to keep track of our programs -- and I hope you have been! -- you'll find that the address or URL foryour RSS feed has changed. Please visit the Personal ProgramQueue page to get the new URL for your feed.

4. RSS FEEDS. All of the RSS feeds for our channels and seriesprograms have also changed. The old URLs should redirect tothe new ones, but you may want to manually update your RSS reader to make sure.

5. LOGINS. If you were a registered member of *both* GigaVoxMedia and The Conversations Network, you may find that your login and password have changed. When we merged the databases,we did the best we could when we encountered conflicts, butif you have a different password or username on the twosystems, then we had to pick one or the other. Hopefully our lost-password system will solve most of your problems.

Media Conversations: Our Foray Into Video

We're hard at work on an all-new chanel, Media Conversations.It won't be ready for public launch for at least a few weeks,but I think you'll find the content truly exciting. Not onlydo we have planned some great conferences and other programs,but we'll also be producing some of them in video. In my next newsletter in early October, I'll be able to send you links tothe first video programs, long-format interviews with futuristsGlen Hiemstra and Gerd Leonhard. Great stuff.

We Need Your Support

The Conversations Network is a 501(c)(3) non profit, andlike public radio here in the U.S., we're dependent in parton donations "from people like you." Of the tens of thousands of you who listen to our programs each month, just a few hundred are actually supporting our efforts.We operate on as small a budget as possible -- we have nopaid full-time staff and no offices -- but we do have real expenses to produce and distribute our programs. We need your help to pay the bills and keep the programs coming. We're asking for as little as $5/month ($2.50 for students). That may not sound like much, but when we put it together with the dues from other members, it all adds up. And becomming a member couldn't be easier.

Membership Info:

Want to Join Our Team?

Did you know that The Conversations Network's programs are produced by a worldwide team of part-time audio engineers and website editors? (It's true!) We're in the process of expanding our programming and we need to grow our team.

If you're a good writer or if you have the software and experience to edit and mix audio files, this is your chance to get involved. You can work on as many or as few programs as you like. Some of us spend just two or three hours a month. There's no commitment. It's a great community of dedicated folks and we'd love to have you join the team.

Join The Conversations Network Staff:

The Levelator

If you're a podcaster, you probably already know about The Levelator, a marvelous free applciation for improving the soundquality of your programs. What you may not know is that the coretechnology behind The Levelator was developed by members of TeamITC, originally for our internal use.

Just as thrilled as I am to bring IT Conversations back into The Conversations Network, I'm equally excited to announce thatThe Levelator has also come home. From now on, future development, distribution and support of The Levelator will be done here, and to kick things off, we've just published a newversion (1.2.1) for OS X and Windows. The Linux versions willbe available shortly.

The Levelator:

Podcast and New Media Expo

For those of you who will be attending the Podcast and New Media Expo in Ontario, California at the end of the month, please make a point of stopping by The Conversations Network'sbooth. There you can meet some of the members of TeamITC who produce all of our programs for you in their spare time, andlearn about our channels, PodCorps.org, and our tools for podcasters and videobloggers.

Bruce Sharpe, one of the developers of The Levelator, will be giving a presentation on "Simple Post-Production Techniques to Get Professional-Sounding Podcasts." He'll be talking about TheLevelator, of course, and a whole lot more.

I will be giving a session entitled "Remote Audio and Video Interview Techniques" in which I'll not only discuss how touse telephone hybrids and Skype for recording interviews, butalso, together with Bruce, demonstrate an *amazing* newtechnology that will drastically simplify and automate the tasks or recording and producing multi-mic, multi-camera and multi-location audio and video interviews. This is very cool stuff that's still in development, but you won't want to miss thedemo of what's to come. Hope to see you there.


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