John McCain

United States Senator and Presidential Candidate

McCain's Train Wreck
6 minutes, 2.8mb, recorded 2008-06-05
Topics: Media Politics
John McCain

On June 3, 2008, the last day of the Presidential primaries, John McCain spoke to a group of supporters in New Orleans. The speech was widely criticized in the media as illustrating how unfamiliar McCain seemed to be with delivering prepared remarks, even after being a Representative and Senator for 26 years. Charles Lane, '08 Conversations Host and Curator, presents a fascinating comparison between McCain's awkward comments and Barack Obama's more natural manner of speaking.

PRX has a number of speeches where odd and uncomfortable moments spotlight the personalities of the candidates. For creative producers it’s a gold mine for mash-ups and orchestral compositions of poli-speak.

John McCain is a United States Senator from Arizona. He is running in the 2008 Presedential election campaign as a member of the Republican Party.



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