David Merrill

President, Co-founder, Sifteo

Sifteo cubes: Hands-on Interactions, Intelligent Play, and SDK!
11 minutes, 5mb, recorded 2011-10-11
David Merrill

A game that uses animated cubes, which look and behave like a cross between an ipad and Large board-game dice. This fascinating and interactive idea is presented by David Merrill, co-founder of Sifteo. When two or more of these cubic objects are placed against each other they exchange relayed messages essentially saying, 'I now have a neighbor. Here's who it is. This is my configuration relative to my neighbor.' According to Merrill, the engine (software) configures the graphic game cubes into the most current configuration. When a player moves, disrupts, shakes, or tilts the game, then the rendering software responds approprately and the game continues. The game depends on wireless and RF-facilitated software sending commands to the cubes, and the cubes responing in kind.

This is a truly unique approach to gaming, which usually involves less obvious interaction between humans, although there are probably solitaire-like games as well. A couple of differences between tradtional board, parlor games, such as poker, and David Merrill's Sifteo cubes are that poker doesn't need electricity, and of course no one holds a patent on poker,  chess, etcetera or the technology needed to play them.

David Merrill is President and co-founder of Sifteo. Dave is an expert in cutting-edge human-computer interaction, producing multiple award-winning interfaces and technologies that reinvent how people use computers. David and his work have been featured at TED, MOMA, the Discovery Channel and Wired.

David holds a BS in Symbolic Systems and an MS in Computer Science from Stanford, and an MS and PhD from MIT.


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