Hans Scharler, Jason Winters

Founders, ioBridge

Hans Scharler, Jason Winters

ioBridge is a leading Internet of Things developer, working to help manufacturers, professionals, and the regular user to better automate and control devices. The company's founders, Hans Scharler and Jason Winters, discuss their work, reviewing their development process and protocols. They also discuss specific examples of user projects that are part of the ioBridge community.

Hans Scharler is the co-founder of ioBridge and developed streaming technology for web and mobile applications so users can interact with monitoring and control systems in real-time. Hans is also the creator of ThingSpeak, an open source Internet of Things platform that allows devices to interact with social media and share time-series data published by simple devices. In his spare time, Hans plays board games and enjoys discovering new coffees and teas.

Jason Winters is the co-founder of ioBridge and created a system for connecting large numbers of devices to cloud services. Jason also developed a communication protocol and security model for connecting devices to web services and for connecting devices over the Internet using peer-to-peer links. In his spare time, Jason enjoys science fiction and loves spending time with his wife and their boxer puppy.


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