Ron Paul

The Loneliest Republican
10 minutes, 4.8mb, recorded 2008-05-06
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Ron Paul

The loneliest Republican has to be Ron Paul. He has at least a million adoring fans, out fund-raised both McCain and Romney and holds Ronald Reagan up like a chalice. Yet he still can't get any love from the Republican party.

But in the last week of April during the state caucus in Nevada, Ron Paul supporters came out in droves and overwhelmed what was to be a rubber stamp of John McCain's delegates. Thanks to Brian Bahouth of Nevada Public Radio we have the audio. First you'll hear the commotion caused by Ron Paul fans. One of whom, Rob Tyree, then takes over the proceedings. Then Congressman Paul speaks to the crowd.

All of this is followed by Bahouth's interview with Paul about the status of the Republican party.

Ron Paul is a Republican Congressman from Texas. He is running for President in 2008.



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