Joe Karaganis

Vice President, American Assembly

Joe Karaganis

The massive opposition to SOPA and ACTA was surprising to many  leaders. It left many wondering how to balance public interest and copyright. In this keynote, Joe Karaganis presents research on the social attitudes on global media piracy .

Joe illustrates different viewpoints in his presentation on a variety of intellectual property issues. He concludes that most people see a division between free speech, privacy and copyright protection.  In emerging economies he also reveals a combination of factors that make media piracy unavoidable. He also emphasizes that media piracy is the only option some citizens have to obtain access to information.

In his next project "The Ecology of Access to Educational Materials in Developing World Universities (Shadow Libraries),"  Joe calls on everyone to examine the democratic access to information.  The project has produced a declaration on intellectual property that he believes is a positive step in defining new Internet privacy and copyright policy.

Joe Karaganis joined The American Assembly at Columbia University as Vice President in 2010. His work focuses on the relationship between digital convergence and cultural production, and has recently included research on broadband adoption, data policy, and media piracy. He is the editor of The Politics of Open Source Adoption (2005), Structures of Participation in Digital Culture (2007), and Media Piracy in Emerging Economies (2011), among other work. Prior to joining the American Assembly, he was a program director at the Social Science Research Council in New York.


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