Bob Lee

CTO, Square Inc.

10 Innovations in 10 Minutes
9 minutes, 4.4mb, recorded 2011-10-11
Bob Lee

In this short presentation at the Android Open Conference, Bob Lee briefly highlights key features that Android has always had and also gives a brief history of their development, resulting use and popularity. He also occasionally links the apps and features to his work at Square, Inc.

Beginning with a quick history of the G1 and his work on the Android team, Bob Lee plunges into a quick description of the goals he and his teammates hoped to achieve with their platform. Presenting a paradigm of features versus a polished platform versus the speed of release, Lee focuses on the features end of the spectrum and analyzes the usefulness and popularity of different functions of Android 1.0.

While presenting short blurbs about G-Talk, 2-D barcode scanning, and permissions, Bob Lee talks about occasionally glitches and resulting improvements, customer interaction and evaluation, and, ultimately, the convenience and usability of Android in any context.

Bob Lee is the CTO of Square Inc. Prior to Square, Bob led Android’s core library development, created the Jolt award-winning Guice framework, and led JSR 330 Dependency Injection for Java.


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