Michael Kuperman & Ronni Zehavi

VP & CEO, Cotendo

Your Mobile Performance - Analyze and Accelerate
6 minutes, 3mb, recorded 2011-06-15
Michael Kuperman & Ronni Zehavi

Michael Kuperman and Ronni Zehavi present in this velocity conference talk. They represent Cotendo, a company focused on enhancing mobile and desktop user experiencing for websites and applications. The focus of their talk is mainly the presentation of their program suite which they have developed. "There is no silver bullet," as Michael says, to speeding up a website. That's why they are excited to present their product.

Developing websites that balance visual experience with low latency can be difficult. High quality images look great but can take a long time to download. Where does my site stand in the search rankings? How does one balance complexity with speed? Can one have both? Cotendo claims to answer and solve these questions and dilemmas with their program suite for website enhancement.

Michael Kuperman has 10 years of experience in the CDN and ADN industry. To his role as VP of Operations at Cotendo he brings deep expertise in deploying and operating mission critical global environments in the US, Europe and Asia. Before joining Cotendo, Michael held senior Operations positions at a number of leading companies in the content delivery network industry. At Netli Michael ran Operations and led the deployment of the Netli Application Delivery Network Service from an idea to worldwide presence serving Fortune 1,000 companies. After Netli was acquired by Akamai, Michael ran the Network Operations team at Akamai before he joined CDNetworks as Director of Global Operations. At CDNetworks he was responsible for the company’s worldwide network in the US, EU and APAC and played a key role in the technical due dilligence and global integration of the Panther Express acquisition. Michael holds a B.S. and M.B.A. from Kennedy Western University.

Ronni Zehavi along with his two cofounders, Udi Trugman and David Drai, formed Cotendo in 2008. From that moment forward, Zehavi has led the organization through an impressive period of growth. Within 10 months of launching its CDN and Site Acceleration suite, Cotendo had secured 100 new clients. Today, in no small part due to Zehavi's personal engagement with business development, the company has over 450 customers.

During this growth period, Zehavi signed strategic partnerships with AT&T, Citrix Systems, Juniper Networks, and Sumitomo/Wam!Net, while aggressively pursuing funding for the company's long-term growth strategy and continued technology innovation. Zehavi's efforts, backed by a capable management team, resulted in investment from Sequoia, Benchmark, and Tenaya Capital, and lately Citrix, Juniper and Sumitomo. Zehavi's insistence on innovation has paid off, with an industry-leading entrée into mobile acceleration in mid-2011. Zehavi has almost 20 years of executive leadership experience in multinational high-technology companies, including Commtouch Software and Shemer - Auto Arbitrage Ltd., which Zehavi cofounded.


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