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The Atari 2600 Video Computer System: The Ultimate Talk
61 minutes, 27.9mb, recorded 2011-12-27
Sven Oliver

SvOlli tackles the Atari 2600 from every angle in this 28th Chaos Communications Congress talk. Beginning with the initial competition for the development of it's processing chip, he guides the listener through the hardware design all the way through attempts at piracy, lawsuits, and the design and inspiration for some of the more prominent games.

There are games still being released by third parties for the system. Most are independent programmers who learned the language of the Atari. There is information for those interested in potentially programming a game of their own for the classic system. Specifications of the hardware and intricacies of the software are also revealed.

The Atari 2600 has made it's place in history and rightfully so. "Back then, you couldn't hide a bad game behind beautiful graphics and a beautiful soundtrack." But furthermore SvOlli has invited us all to experience it if we haven't already, "Play a game!"

Sven Oliver "Svolli" Moll was born in 1972. He started coding on a C64, then went on to Solaris and Linux.

Big Projects:

  • DCStella, a port of the Atari2600 VCS emulator for the Sega Dreamcast.
  • Svorbis, an OggVorbis player for the GP32 handheld game console
  • SLART, a collection of audio editing tools (player, CD ripper, tag editor, etc.)written in C++/Qt 

Little Projects:

  • ASUC: A Little UDP console
  • PngPhoon: a port of the xphoon system, creating the graphics as png


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Photo: Sven Oliver "Svolli" Moll