Jonathan Thompson

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GE Nucleus Energy Manager
44 minutes, 20.4mb, recorded 2012-03-05
Jonathan Thompson

As more household appliances can be controlled remotely, major companies are developing new ways for consumers to use their products. Jonathan Thompson discusses how General Electric uses the Nucleus Energy Manager to monitor and control power usage and cost. In addition to describing the Smart Energy Profile standard, he reviews how appliance and electricity usage is monitored, as well as how privacy issues in particular are controlled and considered in the manager.


Jonathan "JT" Thompson, currently leads the global utility sales and marketing efforts for GE Appliances’ Home Energy Solutions team.  He works with utilities interested in conducting pilots focusing on consumer behavior and time-of-use rates, using GE’s Smart Appliances.  Prior to coming over to Appliances, JT served as the Director of Global Operations for GE Corporate’s Energy Sourcing Organization.  While in that role his responsibilities included oversight of the global energy sourcing and risk management needs of commercial and industrial end users.  Prior to joining GE in 2007, JT has 9 years of experience in trading, pricing/risk management, account management, and financial services all within the energy industry, including an entrepreneurial venture focused on strategic risk management.  JT holds a bachelor's degree in Biology from the University of Alabama at Birmingham.  He is also an avid football fan and proud father of three daughters.  



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