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Making Sense of
47 minutes, 22mb, recorded 2012-02-27
Vahé Kassardjian

Open is a platform for testing interconnectivity of worldwide devices. Vahé Kassardjian, the company's co-founder gives an overview of the project, from its initial development to specific examples of its application. Describing the process as "going from the mental all the way to the metal", he shows how Open is meant to do more than just track data and Vahé reviews how it can be implemented.

Vahé Kassardjian, co-founder of, is passionate about integrating technology with people and their environments with the ultimate goal of improving productivity, learning, and fun. His background is rooted in photography, which he approached from both an artistic and a scientific perspective. He also has an M.Sc in theoretical Computer Science, covering the full spectrum of reflecting on Complexity Theory all the way to coding in C and Forth. With this rich background, Vahe brings to the table the perfect blend of theory and practicality for designing technology that best bridges the right-brain and left-brain.

He has over 30 years’ experience in business, of which 20 was as co-founder and president of INM, a company that helps organizations deliver unique and engaging experiences. In the early 2000’s, Vahe participated to the design and development of the Nabaztag, the grandfather of the Internet of Things., to a vast extent, is the evolution of learnings and successes on this adventure. Today, is a playground aimed at Feeling, Acting Upon and Making Sense of data in our environments.  In the interest of open and agile development, the platform is available to all for experimentation and innovation.


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