Christian Bahls

Chairman and Founding Member, MOGiS e.V.

What is WhiteIT and what does it aim for?
60 minutes, 27.6mb, recorded 2011-12-27
Christian Bahls

Can you imagine what it must be like to be a victim of sexual exploitation? Now can you imagine feeling so strongly about the protection of personal privacy, that you would speak out against a project that proposes to combat sexual exploitation? In this speech by Christian Balls, he asks to be seen as a voice of reason with respect to the Whitest project.

Initially started by home secretary of the German state of Lower Saxony, WhiteIT is an initiative to reduce child pornography in the Internet. As a former victim of sexual abuse, Christian provides a unique perspective on the WhiteIT initiative. Therefore, when he speaks of his concerns with the project, his personal experience adds more weight to his commentary.

As an example, Christian suggests that focusing on the detection of video and images of child pornography misses 99% of the children being abused. Christian's speech aims to warn everyone of the possible use of child pornography as a trojan horse to allow government and corporate powers to snoop on Internet users without public awareness.

In the end, Chirstian's speech succeeds in exposing listeners to different technologies under consideration by the WhiteIT project. One of worrisome technologies is deep packet inspection (DPI). DPI is the evaluation of individual packets against a database of known child pornography using mathematical sums of videos and images (commonly referred to as hashes). To be clear, Christian's main point is that in order to be fair, the use of these technologies should be done in the light of full public awareness.

Note: Speech contain strong language potentially not suitable for listening in the work place.

Christian Bahls is chairman and founding member of MOGIS e.V. The non-profit protects and promotes the interests of victims of sexual abuse in the political process and in society. Prior to founding MOGIS e.V., Bahls was doing research in Computational Engineering and Applied Numerical Mathematics for Promotion/3.-Mittel-Projekt at the University of Rostock.


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